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ICN Public Engagement Online Toolkit Content Manager

Date limite: 22 février 2013 à 00h00

ICN Public Engagement Online Toolkit Content Manager

Accountable to : The Inter-Council Network (ICN)

Primary Responsibilities : Responsible for comprehensive assembly and editing of the outcomes of each of the ICN’s Public Engagement Knowledge Hubs, including content, layout, and formatting considerations. This project is a specific aspect of the ICN’s three-year national Public Engagement research program funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

Hours of work : Based on completion of deliverables (see below). Estimated 120-160 hours of work to be completed in March to June, 2013.

Location : Negotiable.

Background :

The Inter-Council Network (ICN) is a dynamic, bilingual network of provincial and regional member-based Councils for International Cooperation committed to social justice and social change. Rooted in communities across Canada and representing over 400 international cooperation organizations, we are leaders in public engagement at a local and regional level, and are recognized for bringing regional knowledge and priorities to the national level.

Between 2011 and 2014 the ICN is implementing a three year research program, Exploring Public Engagement Effectiveness in Canada, with the following objectives :

  • To develop a comprehensive understanding of PE for active global citizenship in Canada ;
  • To learn and develop capacity about good practices for PE ;
  • To demonstrate that PE is a meaningful and necessary endeavour ; and
  • To build relationships and foster collaboration between different actors in the PE community.

This research program is made up of three phases. The first phase was intended to gather a holistic understanding of the current state of PE by considering the perspectives of the public (national public opinion poll), practitioners (context analysis process) and academics (bibliography). The second phase, which we are now in, is convening expert practitioners in seven thematic areas through Knowledge Hubs, where existing and emerging knowledge is being considered in order to identify and document good practice. Lastly, the third phase will aim to disseminate our findings to practitioners, supporters and other interested parties through an online toolkit and national virtual conference.

We are soliciting proposals from content managers for their visions of how the entries coming from the seven thematic Knowledge Hubs (in English and French) can be compiled into a Good Practices in PE Toolkit Website with the following objectives :

  • To document good practice in public engagement towards active global citizenship, based on findings from seven thematic Knowledge Hubs ;
  • To provide theoretical information and practical tools that practitioners can use when applying good practice to their work ;
  • To create an online space where practitioners and other interested parties can access and engage with the material ; and
  • To create a base of information that can be built-on and added to by the ICN in moving forward.

Duties :

Content Assembly & Editing

1. Combining information created and submitted through the ICN’s national Knowledge Hub process from seven areas : How Change Happens, Global Education, Youth-Based Public Engagement, Gender and Public Engagement, Monitoring and Evaluation, Public Engagement Policy, and Collaboration and Partnerships
2. Editing this information according to the pre-set parameters of the project, including chapter length, section length, etc.
3. Communicating regularly with the National Coordinator, the ICN Toolkit committee and the Regional Coordinators to ensure that all parties are kept updated on progress and are able to contribute when appropriate
4. Creating a single, cohesive voice for the document sections, and toolkit as a whole, without losing the spirit of the content submitted
Toolkit Creation
5. Assist with the layout of the information for both print (downloadable PDF sections, or as a whole) and online formats (for sections on the website)
6. Working with a graphic designer and website programmer to create the toolkit website and associated materials
7. Working with the ICN to develop a social media and communications strategy to launch the toolkit

Profile of Applicant :

  • Proven writing skills and 2-3 years editing or writing experience
  • Knowledge of international development issues, or experience in the sector
  • Strong written and oral communications skills
  • Written and oral communications in English and French preferred
  • Training and/or experience and demonstrated skill in layout and design of a variety of different publications and promotional materials
  • Excellent skills with computer and peripheral technology
  • Strong planning and organizing skills
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision, and to numerous deadlines
  • Adequate time to undertake this work between March and June 2013

Deliverables :

Before undertaking this work, the ICN and the Content Manager will agree on a vision and framework for the toolkit website. The contact will be based on deliverables, which will at a minimum include :
1. A vision for the toolkit website that can be clearly communicated to all stakeholders
2. An edited and formatted version of the toolkit content that is ready to be put online
3. The completion of the ICN PE Online Toolkit website
4. The development of social media and communications strategy, to be implemented by the ICN

Proposals should include a vision for how toolkit can be presented online, timeline (between March and June 2013), proposed fee and cost breakdown, and resume including previous work. Please send completed proposal to Sarah Power, ICN National Coordinator, at by Friday, February 22nd.

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