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Volunteer Resources Management Officer

Date limite: 14 juin 2015 à 12h02
Offert par Centre d’étude et de coopération internationale (CECI)

VIET NAM , Hanoi


The Skills Training for Economic Growth (STEG) is a cooperation project supported by Uniterra in Vietnam in the period of 2015-2020 with a focus on the development of two key economic subsectors : tourism and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). STEG will employ an inclusive market systems approach in this phase of Uniterra. We at Uniterra believe that a market system is inclusive when it extends choices and opportunities to the under-privileged and other excluded groups, such as women and youth. Uniterra’s unique contribution to each sector will depend on needs and opportunities identified in local market systems, the opportunities to achieve scalable change, and the capacities of local partners. Uniterra helps these target groups through the development of tools, methods, procedures, and systems which are used to strengthen the capacities of training programs. Uniterra’s support ensures these programs are better prepared to deliver high quality training to local communities. Capacity building of college staff increases the employability of their students who can then gain jobs and support their families.

This program contributes to Vietnam achieving its poverty reduction strategy and attaining its Millennium Development Goals.

As one of Uniterra’s key local partners under STEG, Bac Thang Long Economic Technical College (BTL) is a state-owned college under the authorization of the Hanoi Training and Education Office. BTL’s goal is to become a multi-disciplinary college with various training levels, with the objectives to :
(i) Train technical workers in professional domains through training programs focusing on strong practical skills in order to respond and adapt to the dynamic labor market ;
(ii) Offer diverse forms of training in conjunction with other training colleges, as well as national and international universities ;
(iii) Promote cooperation between post-secondary training institutions.
Currently, BTL has been adjusting its focus and direction to develop its model as a community college and to enhance new cooperation opportunities. A Volunteer Resources Management Officer is now needed to help BTL in collaboration with WUSC provide better volunteer support and management so as to assist the college to achieve its objectives.


• The successful candidate is expected to work under the supervision of the Uniterra Country Coordinator. He/she will be responsible for undertaking the following responsibilities :
• - Ensure that the Program satisfies the conditions established under volunteers’ contractual agreements and under the Program’s standards and policies manual ;
• - Make sure that volunteers respect their contractual obligations at all times during their mandates. To that end, he/she shall be responsible for managing and monitoring the Program’s volunteers in the country ;
• - In collaboration with the Finance & Administration Officer, welcome, support and introduce volunteers to their work locations(whether in the capital or in other regions) ;
• - In collaboration with the Finance & Administration Officer, support volunteers in finding adequate housing ;
• - Ensure volunteers’ well-being (i.e., appropriate living conditions, cultural integration and volunteers’ physical and mental well-being) ;
• - In collaboration with the Finance & Administration Officer, ensure that administrative guidelines are applied in accordance with the standards and policies manual (visas, housing rental rules, hiring of domestic personnel, recommended neighbourhoods, utilities, costs, required reporting, insurance procedures, allowances, cash advances, etc.) ;
• - In close collaboration with the Country Coordinator, ensure that the emergency and security procedures established by WUSC or CECI in relation to all volunteers are put in place, kept up to date and applied ;
• - In close collaboration with the Country Coordinator, manage emergency medical evacuations ;
• - In collaboration with the Country Coordinator and the Sectoral Program Officer(s), organize orientation for newly arrived volunteers ;
• - In collaboration with the Sectoral Program Officer(s), participate in managing conflicts and volunteers’ grievances and issues with partner organizations ;
• - In collaboration with the Sectoral Program Officer(s), ensure periodic monitoring (at key moments, including during reporting) of volunteers’ working conditions throughout their mandates ;
• - In collaboration with program partners and the Sectoral Program Officer(s), participate in organizational reviews of said partners to ensure their capacity to appropriately receive volunteers ;
• - As required, propose concrete actions enabling partner organizations to appropriately receive volunteers ;
• - As required, organize trainings for partners and staff in accordance with needs identified during organizational reviews, such as intercultural issues for example ;
• - Support partner organizations in relation to the management of volunteer resources ;
• - Support partners and the Sectoral Program Officer(s) in the selection, recruitment and mobilization of local country and Global South volunteers ;
• - Participate in the program coordination meetings held in-country.


• University degree in human resources management or equivalent or relevant work experience ;
• - Training and coaching skills ;
• - Conflict resolution skills and empathy ;
• - Excellent verbal and written communications skills ;
• - Teamwork skills ;
• - Experience as a volunteer an asset ;
• - Ability to work independently, initiative and professionalism ;
• - Adherence to equality between women and men approach and youth inclusion ;
• - Tact and good judgement.

12 months, July 1, 2015

June 3, 2015

Bac Thang Long Economic -Technical College

This position is open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. See this position (and more !) at :

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